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Welcome to Therapy for Change

You may know exactly what change you are after or you may know that things just can’t remain as they are.

Or maybe you are already living a change that is not of your choice, but you can’t just ‘dismount’ from it.

Whatever the case – change is a fact, and managing it is an art.

How can counselling with Anna help?

Anna’s Blog: What I’ve been thinking about lately

What is the point of Mindfulness?

What is the point of Mindfulness? This morning I got an unexpected message from my lovely friend and recent participant of my Intro to mindfulness workshop. You absolutely made my day @Demi Moretti! “You know what I love about mindfulness….because I’m trying not to judge my own thoughts I’m finding myself less judging of others…

Family guide to gender transition

A Family Guide To Gender Transition Anna Jezuita recently wrote this article for Happyful Magazine … Are you in the midst of a gender transition process and struggling to communicate with your family, to get them on your side? Or perhaps you are supporting a transitioning loved one, not sure what are the right words…

Helping Teens Transition: A Guide for Parents

Helping your teenage child to make the journey Having found out that your child is transgender is a big message to take in. You might be worried that you don’t know how or what to do or say, or that what you are doing is not enough. If this is the case, before you read…

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