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Welcome to Therapy for Change

You may know exactly what change you are after or you may know that things just can’t remain as they are.

Or maybe you are already living a change that is not of your choice, but you can’t just ‘dismount’ from it.

Whatever the case – change is a fact, and managing it is an art.

How can counselling with Anna help?

Anna’s Blog: What I’ve been thinking about lately

Shit Sandwich Stinks! Here is why…

For years we were led to believe that a fat feedback sandwich is the only way to get away with delivering negative feedback. Meaning – say the stinking stuff and still avoid the consequences (relationship damage, reputation of a bully and so on). Imagine you are talking to someone who really got on your nerves.…

Feeling a bit “Meh..” about work – Is it Professional Integrity Scoliosis ?

Feeling a bit Meh.. about work? It might be Professional Integrity Scoliosis (term coined with my client during one of our sessions) It happens when professional abilities and expertise are used out of alignment with internal values, and the environment cannot be changed. Seemingly due to external circumstances (mortgage, school fees, possible recession) but ultimately…

What is my product? What do I have in common with a Sherpa?

I am a psychotherapist AKA shrink. Unlike a personal trainer or a coach I don’t promise that you will get to the top of the mountain if you work with me. I promise that if you decide to make your way, I will show you the route that I have travelled many times and know…

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