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Welcome to Therapy for Change

You may know exactly what change you are after or you may know that things just can’t remain as they are.

Or maybe you are already living a change that is not of your choice, but you can’t just ‘dismount’ from it.

Whatever the case – change is a fact, and managing it is an art.

How can counselling with Anna help?

Anna’s Blog: What I’ve been thinking about lately

When The Dog Bites a mindfulness story

When the Dog Bites … Coping, with Mindfulness It sounds like a metaphor, but this is actually what happened to me not so long ago. I was rushing to the bus, going to my first in life networking meeting – thinking what it may be like, and so on. On my way I encountered my…

Everyone has a story to tell … read those of some inspirational people

We believe everyone has a story to tell. Sharing that story could be more empowering than you realise Here at Happiful, we have the privilege of talking to, working with, and writing about some truly amazing people. We want to give a shout-out to all of the amazing mental health advocates and counsellors, the influencers…

Gender transition – how to hear all the voices and understand the silences

Gender transition – how to hear all the voices and understand the silences The issues around gender transition pop around the media like meteors.. They pop, they flash, they cause momentarily awe, or blindness in random spectators, perhaps a little ripple of controversies and vigorous argument… and they disappear. People who live with this subject…

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