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Welcome to Therapy for Change

You may know exactly what change you are after or you may know that things just can’t remain as they are.

Or maybe you are already living a change that is not of your choice, but you can’t just ‘dismount’ from it.

Whatever the case – change is a fact, and managing it is an art.

How can counselling with Anna help?

Anna’s Blog: What I’ve been thinking about lately

I Kind Of Like Mindfulness

“I kind of like mindfulness but I don’t have time for regular meditation practice… I followed the app but then lost motivation..” – This was one of the points in in my Introduction to Mindfulness workshop. Read the full article published on LinkedIn … I Like Mindfulness

Questions to Ask Before having Children

What to Ask Before Having Children… ‘Do you think you’ll ever have kids?’ becomes the way your parents say hello, and the once relieving monthly reminder that you’re not pregnant becomes a sinister one that your biological clock is ticking. Its decision time, do you want to start trying? Are you actually ready?’ I was…

Butterfly: Why Gender Transition is A Family Matter

Why is Gender Transition a Family Matter? The recent ITV series Butterfly was a brave attempt to offer an insight into a family coping with the gender transition. My commentary explains how everyone in the family is finding their way to relate to Transition. “There is no other way. Even if one person says ‘I…

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