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Welcome to Therapy for Change

You may know exactly what change you are after or you may know that things just can’t remain as they are.

Or maybe you are already living a change that is not of your choice, but you can’t just ‘dismount’ from it.

Whatever the case – change is a fact, and managing it is an art.

How can counselling with Anna help?

Anna’s Blog: What I’ve been thinking about lately

How to look after your mental health (when times are difficult)

More than ever the question of mental health and how to take care of it becomes not only ‘an interesting issue’ but a matter of urgency and heightened priority. The dramatic change of social life norms and circumstances, lack of clear directions for the present day, and – most worryingly – lack of the clear…

You can replace guilt with curiosity …

…when you learn how to see your life as a research project. The New Year with its resolutions is here again. Are you busy planning your next goal, reviewing how well you did with your last year’s goal, your lifetime goal? This activity is useful but has its perils. Being focused on one goal inevitably…

What is your mental Mount Everest or The Big Run?

are you stretching out of your mental comfort zone? We are so good in finding challenges for our physical body – run, new spin class, Iron man challenge. When it comes to our mental body, we are more likely to stay with what we know, and to stay feeling right. Feeling right feels soo good…

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